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Methyl Drostanolone, also known as methasteron, is a potent oral anabolic steroid that was never sold as a prescription drug. In structure, this steroid is a close derivative of drostanolone (Masteron).

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What is Drosta - Titan Healthcare – Oral

Methyl Drostanolone, also known as methasteron, is a potent oral anabolic steroid that was never sold as a prescription drug. In structure, this steroid is a close derivative of drostanolone (Masteron). The only difference in this case is the addition of a c-17 alpha methyl group, a modification that gives Methyl Drostanolone high oral bioavailability.

The two agents remain very comparable, however. Both Methyl Drostanolone and drostanolone are non-aromatizable, so there is no difference in the estrogenicity of these two steroids, and both steroids retain favorable anabolic to androgenic ratios.

What does Drosta contain:

  1. Methyl Drostanolone
  2. 10-20 mg per day
  3. 100 tabs – 10 mg

What is Drosta used for:

Methyl Drostanolone (Drosta) can be used for both bulking and cutting. For bulking, it is very possible to gain lean mass of about 10 to 15 pounds without the water retention. Methyl Drostanolone (Superdrol) also helps to speed up metabolism, which gives lean gains as well. Because of this, it is also an effective cutting steroid.

Not only does it help to burn fat by raising metabolism, but it also helps to preserve your gains during a caloric deficit diet. It is also a non-aromatizing steroid. This means that you do not have to worry about estrogenic side effects like gyno or water retention, and this also means you don’t need anti-estrogen added.

It will definitely help you to look harder and dryer, as well as immensely improved conditioning. Whether you are using it for bulking or cutting, it will definitely help to speed up recovery and promote muscular endurance. While it is not a strong steroid, but it will help to produce difference to help you attain your goal. Energy will be boosted, and this will help with your overall in gym performance – making your workouts effective.

How to properly and safely use Drosta

An effective dosage of Methyl Drostanolone for physique or performance-enhancing purposes seems to begin in the range of 10-20 mg per day, taken for no longer than 6 or 8 weeks. At this level it seems to impart a measurable muscle-building effect, which is usually accompanied by fat loss and increased definition.

Don’t expect to gain 30 pounds on this agent, but many do walk away with more than 10 pounds of solid muscle gain when using this agent alone. In determining an optimal daily dosage, some do find Methyl Drostanolone to be measurably more effective when venturing up to the 30 mg range. Potential hepatotoxicity should definitely be taken into account with such use, however.

In the athletic arena, an effective oral daily dosage would fall around 2.5 mg per day, taken in cycles lasting no more than 4-6 weeks to minimize the chance for virilization. The main point of contention with females is probably going to be the 10 mg per capsule dosage, which is far too high to use. Application would require opening each capsule and splitting the powdered contents up into 4 separate doses. As with all steroids, virilization is still possible.

What other products can we use together with Drosta

To avoid further escalating liver strain, 20 mg daily of daily of Methyl Drostanolone is sometimes stacked with a non-toxic injectable steroid, such as testosterone for mass-building phases of training, or nandrolone or boldenone for more lean tissue gain and definition, instead of simply increasing the dosage. Methyl Drostanolone also works well in cutting cycles, where its lack of estrogenicity is highly favored.

Side effects for Drosta

When it is be taken high dosages and over a longer period of time, Dianabol is liver-toxic. Methyl Drostanolone (Methyl-drostanolone) can cause a serious acne on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. It can also speed a possible hair loss.  In high dosages of 50+ mg/day can occur mood swings, kidney damage, gyno, heart palpitations.
Not recommended stuff to do while using Drosta
Methyl Drostanolone should be avoided if you are havin serious medical condition. Stay away

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