GHRP-2 Bio-Peptide 10mg

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GHRP-2 Bio-Peptide is part of the GHRP family. It acts upon the pituitary glands and the part of the brain which is known as the hypothalamus. The actions of this GHRP-2 will spark increased production of growth hormone.

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What is GHRP-2 - Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong – Inject

This peptide is part of the GHRP family. It acts upon the pituitary glands and the part of the brain which is known as the hypothalamus. The actions of this GHRP-2 will spark increased production of growth hormone. Since GH levels plummet as we age, GHRP-2 is considered to be an anti-aging peptide which has the power to “turn back the hands of time” for as long as it is utilized.

It’s easier to build muscle mass and lose fatty deposits while GHRP-2 is being administered. Actual users report stronger libidos, better skin and hair quality during therapy with this powerful and trusted peptide.

Growth Hormone is known as GH and it offers tons of advantages to those who want to look and feel younger. For example, increased levels of this important hormone may give users more energy and more stamina during training. Natural HGH production peaks in puberty and then decreases steadily over time.

What does GHRP-2 contain:

  1. 100-300mcg per day
  2. 10 ml – 10 mg

What is GHRP-2 used for:

GHRP-2 works through stimulating the pituitary gland’s natural ability to produce endogenous human growth hormone (HGH). It enhances HGH production in two ways – first, it amplifies the transduction pathway of natural growth hormone releasing signal which lead to an increase in growth hormone levels. Second, it inhibits the activities of somatosatin thus bringing about an increase in endogenous growth hormone levels.

How to properly and safely use GHRP-2

GHRP-2 should be taken daily via oral (sublingual), intranasal or subcutaneous (injection) routes. It may be used in conjunction with sermorellin or GHRP 6 for optimal results. Noth GHRP 6 and sermorellin helps in activating the pituitary gland enabling increased manufacturing of natural growth hormones. In addition to this, it also increases hypothalamic functioning which further help in promoting its purported benefits.

What other products can we use together with GHRP-2

GHRP-2 can be used indefinitely and will normally be used continuously in anti-aging plans that call for it with a GHRH-2. Dosing can range dramatically depending on need with 100-300mcg per day being commonplace. If used with a GHRH-2, which is recommended, the dose may often be towards the lower end of the scale. For optimal results, the user will find two injections per day on an empty stomach to be best. If done subcutaneously this should prove to be the easiest method as it will be the least intrusive.

Side effects for GHRP-2

This hexapeptide fosters the secretion of pure growth hormone and it’s also a lab-created agonist of the “hunger hormone” known as ghrelin. Since GHRP-2 binds to receptor cells which spark the production of Ghrelin, it offers users access to higher Ghrelin levels as well as higher GH levels. Ghrelin affects the appetite and also plays a role in weight regulation. Since Ghrelin does tend to boost appetite, you may feel hungrier while you use GHRP-2 – however, this side effect is much milder than the appetite increase which users experience when they use the GHRp-6 peptide. This is why many people prefer to use GHRP-2 versus GHRP-6, on the other side if your goal is to build muscle or you are struggling to put on muscle mass due to not eating enough calories you may find ghrp6 more useful for the purpose rather than ghrp2.

Not recommended stuff to do while using GHRP-2

Not recommended in case of hypersensitivity to GHRP-2, prostate or breast carcinoma, prostate hyperplasia symptoms, nephrosis, edema, hypercalcemia, liver function disorders, diabetes, heart failure or coronary myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis in elderly men. Not to be used by teenagers to avoid premature cessation of growth and puberty.

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