Testosterone Propionat - 100 mg / ml

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10 vials / pack 1ml/vial (100mg/1ml) 

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Propionate has a very short duration of action, 1-2 days and considerably low water retention. Because the steroid acts almost immediately after administration, the athlete will feel a surge of energy and desire to train, as well as increased appetite. Compared to Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate is a more delicate substance and better tolerated by the body, the only inconvenience for the athlete being the need for repeated injection. Method of administration: the optimal dose is 50-100mg / day (350 mg / week). It can be associated very well with Enanthate, administering 250mg Enanthat and 50mg Propionate at the same time; thus, a high level of testosterone is achieved through Propionate, which will be maintained longer due to Enanthate. For women, it can be successfully administered in doses of 25-50 mg, but at longer intervals (5-7 days) to avoid androgenic effects. The duration of the cure should not exceed 8-10 weeks.

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