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  • The 10-week # 1 cycle is recommended for beginners, steroid users who are in the beginning and want an easy, safe and maximal cycle.

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  • A cycle for those with some experience with steroids. Good muscle gains can be expected if you use high quality products. You need 20 amps/1ml (250mg/ml) Sustanon, 20 amps/1 ml (200 mg/ml) Deca-durabolin and 150 tablets of Danabol 10 mg. For those who are estrogen-sensitive, an anti-estrogen such as Nolvadex-Tamoximed can also be used. PCT starts 3 weeks...

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  • It is a powerful cycle for those who have experience in using steroids. Take a strong antiestrogen in case there are symptoms of gynecomastia. With this cycle you can easily gain 10+ kilograms. In the first 6 weeks use a liver protector.

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  • The cycle for definition is for those who already have enough muscle mass and want to refine it. Weight gains are minimal, but with a good diet and enough cardio, the percentage of fat will be one figure. It is a cycle for those who already have experience with injectors, because the volume of stinging is quite high.

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  • Oral muscle cycle is a cycle for beginners. It is a perfect cycle for those who are not used or have not tried injectable cycles. It is administered over a period of six weeks in doses recommended that you find in the table below.

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  • An example of post-cycle therapy, proven to work, looks like this: the total duration is 21 days; Pregnyl is used in the first 21 days, at 2500 UI, twice a week. Clomid is used from day one to day 10, 50 mg twice a day (a total of 100 mg / day), and tamoxifen is used up to day 21 at a dose of 20 mg / day.

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